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Scott Tucker is a fifty six year old American born race driver brought up in Kansas City, Missouri. He also attended Kansas State University after he left high school. He Has only recently began his racing career back in 2006 in which he started off in the Ferrari Challenge series. Starting a motor racing career this late in his life would seem the wrong move by many, but this turned out not to be the case.

scott tucker

The Ferrari Challenge series was created back in 1993 for owners of the Ferrari 348 Berlinetta who wanted to compete in competitive motor racing. The series has branched out all over the world and has three championships in the USA, Asia and Europe. At the end of each season the competitors from each championship are then brought together at the annual world finals event. Tucker was part of the USA event where he managed to be fairly successful.  In his first season of the series in 2006 he started off slowly only gaining 12 points from 10 races  with a highest position of 15th.  This was due to a few mechanical failures and incidents. In the world finals though he did pick a up a third position in one of the two North American world finals races which would then fuel his hunger.

In his second season of the Ferrari Challenge season (2007) he proved to be a better driver than judged by many as he took the victory at the Infineon circuit and also picking up 30 points. Towards the end of the season he also picked up the winner’s trophy at the California speedway. He also won one of the world finals races which guaranteed him the accolade of the most improved 2007 driver. In the 2007 season he gained 98 points which is a credit to the fine driver as this had proven the massive step up in his performances.

Ferrari Challenge Series:Scott Tucker

It was in the 2008 season that things took off with Tucker winning 6 out of the 13 races, closely losing out to the title in which he finished second. He then won both of the North American world finals races topping off an impressive season in the series. In 2008 he also ventured out of the Ferrari Challenge series and entered the Rolex 24 for the first time.  He and his co-drivers (Zabinski, Baldwin, Ragginger and Burton) were doing well until the car’s engine blew forcing them to retire the car.  This was also year that Tucker made the transition into car ownership as well as racing where he unveiled Level5 Motorsports, which Ed Zabinski.

In the 2009 season he increased his dominance by a record 13 race wins including all three of the North American finals races, even though he finished second in the drivers’ standings he did win the Dealers Championship which with it comes a decent financial benefit. Tucker also again competed in the Rolex 24 but this time became the partner of Christophe Bouchet, who had won the prestigious the 24 hours Le Mans race. Tucker competed in 8 out of the 12 races finishing as high as third, which for a driver coming from the Ferrari Challenge series was a great success. This success propelled Tucker and also Bouchet into signing a deal with Audi and they both took part in the Le mans series with the Audi R10.

Scott Tucker now was invited by the Ferrari manufacture to test drive for them and collect valuable feedback. The reason for picking Tucker was simple, he was now the most successful Ferrari Challenge driver in history. Ferrari’s aim for him was to test and produce feedback about the new and future supercars/sports cars that Ferrari were developing. This was the first time that the Ferrari manufacturer had tested extensively in the U.S. Tucker along with seven other specially chosen test drivers now have the task of testing the cars in every continent of the world, showcasing the cars in exhibitions and private test events. This would be a great marketing ploy for Ferrari which would increase their revenue greatly.

Scott is also still racing in the Le Mans 24 hour where in 2012 he races in the Honda HR28TT. The car managed 240 laps until mechanical failures meant the retirement for the Level 5 Motorsports team which Tucker still owns. He gained his best result in 2011 though where his team finished 3rd in the class positions with 319 laps completed.

Scott Tucker is an inspirational story about a general businessman who was getting on in life making it into the big time with motorsport. Starting off small in motorsport with the Ferrari Challenge series he then defies the odds after a first unsettled year in the series to end up racing in a top event (Le mans) and finishing in third position, a truly inspirational story.

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